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When you are moving to Finland, and exporting personal belongings, household goods, boxes, pallets, furniture, appliances, our International Moving Directory will help you to choose the right shipping company that meet all your personal moving needs.

Companies listed in our International Moving Directory provide customized international moving services to Finland and competitive pricing for our customers.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Careful services from international shipping companies from all over the world offered. Just specify your interested destination and find local company for the most convenient transportation and moving worldwide.

Jouko Kalevi Kouhia
Muuttopalvelu Niemi Oy
Jouko Kalevi Kouhia is transportation company, established in 1945, at Kivennapa, Karelia   Muuttopalvelu Niemi Oy is a family owned company and has operated since 1981 as a full service moving company.
Kauko Laukkonen Ky
Kiitosimeon Oy
Transport company Kauko Laukkonen Ky is transportation company, based in Finland.   Transport company Kiitosimeon Oy was founded in 1983. Our main values are quality- and environment issues. We were among the first companies in nordic countries to realize the importance of these 2 corner stones in transportation logistics.
Oy Kuljetusliike Forsman AB
Ville Silvasti Oy
Oy Kuljetusliike Forsman AB is transportation company, established 1916.   Ville Silvasti Oy is a Finnish transportation company.

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